Terry Lundgren needs to improve Macy's

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Thoughts on Macy’s April 9, 2010

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Like I wrote about in my earlier post, Macy’s has so much tradition and such a storied past.  How could it deteriorate so much?  I always thought Macy’s was a nice store when I was younger.  Their past seems to help stay on people’s minds but what are they doing to really make themselves stand out as the choice department store or what makes them one of the best?  Merchandise?  Service?  Price?  Pleasant experience?

I’m definitely unhappy with Macy’s.  I know that friends of mine and other people that I talk to aren’t too happy or impressed with them either.  I’m trying to help Macy’s because I’d like to see them become a power in the retailing business like they used to be.  I’d like to see some competition between them and Nordstrom and others so that consumers can have a better shopping experience.  Just like competition makes things better with other business, I feel that if Macy’s were to step up to the plate and really become competitive with the likes of Nordstrom and Bloomingdale’s, then people could find great clothing and other merchandise at a great price and these stores would still be turning a profit.  It would be a win-win situation for all parties involved.

Mr. Lundgren, I challenge you to upgrade the Macy’s experience, your stores and the benefits you offer employees so that they create a better experience for shoppers.  Publish a customer bill of rights so that the public knows that Macy’s is serious in trying to restructure their business model and serious about their customers.  Only then will Macy’s become a truly great store and the world will really be able to “discover the magic of Macy’s.”


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  1. Carol Perry Says:

    As with many, I have wonderful memories of Macy’s and am sad at how much it has deteriorated. Although they have a sale every week with coupons, I’m not alone when I say – the coupons rarely apply – there is always an excuse. Why bother? Sales people make up their own information about products and the website has inaccurate information. I just received some bras I ordered, and when I carefully handwashed the bras, the dye bled all over the bra and stained it, so now it looks old and dirty, as though there is persperation all over the inside. I E-mailed Macy’s, carefully described what happened, and that I had already thrown away the return postage label. I received an E-mail saying I could return the bra using the return postage label, if it was still in the same condition as I received it. After receiving two more form letters, I got that they don’t read any of their E-mails; rather, they just send form letters, so you are on your own to either live with your item or throw it away. So very sad because a teeny amount of effort could resolve problems. Hiring people to send form letters could be replaced by hiring people to actually read the E-mails. No more Macy’s for me, I am way too busy.

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