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Inventory April 6, 2010

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I saw a commercial the other day for Macy’s and it referenced a sale they are having at the moment.  It seems like they are always having some type of sale, which is a good thing for consumers.  But their prices aren’t really that great on most items.  Shoppers like Macy’s because they have something for everyone.  They have some of the cheaper brands available but also some higher end products as well.  That’s great.

I went to a Ross store this morning and found a couple of dress shirts that are the same shirts you can find at Macy’s, but at a significantly lower price.  At Macy’s, a Geoffrey Beene shirt retails for $49.50 but it’s on sale for $32.99.  The same one I found at Ross for $14.99.  I also found Van Heusen dress shirts at Ross for $12.99 and $17.99.  Van Heusen shirts at Macy’s are $40 regular price and on sale right now for $26.99.

Why on earth would I go to Macy’s to buy cheap dress shirts when I can go to Ross and get the same thing?  Why would I buy a more expensive shirt at Macy’s when I can get something similar at Nordstrom or Bloomingdales for around the same price?  And I definitely won’t have an employee giving me a hard time for trying on a shirt at either of those stores.

I think I’ve answered my own questions.


4 Responses to “Inventory”

  1. I personally think that it is all a money thing. Remember though Ross is suppose to get last seasons stuff.

  2. DJ MAGIC Says:

    You present a compelling argument. However, clothing at Ross is typically older seasons and comes in limited sizes whereas Macy’s tends to carry current seasons and all sizes. I don’t know, I see a purpose for Macy’s position in the market, but I do agree that the service is weak. And it smells weird.

  3. kentringer Says:

    I agree with DJ Magic that Macy’s does have its place as a department store that is known to carry the newest clothing trends rather than Ross, which is more of a surplus store that sells older models or overstock from other stores. However, customer service should match Macy’s position in the market and should reflect their higher prices with higher quality.

  4. janetnguyen Says:

    Hey great topic. I like to see a guy involved in the shopping experience! It’s true that they are always having sales, ALL THE TIME. Keep up the research! GOod work.

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