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Salespeople Part 4 April 4, 2010

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The expertise of the salespeople is below average in my opinion.  They may know where products are located on the floor but that’s about it.  They are worthless to the consumer except they can ring up whatever you’re buying and re-rack items on displays.  And I don’t even think they really want to do that as evidenced by that woman who gave me such a hard time for simply trying on a shirt.

At Nordstrom the employees know their inventory.  If I have a question about colors, styles, a brand, whatever it may be, they know it and they are on top of their game.  When it comes to expertise, I’ve gone to the Rail at Nordstrom and asked about a pair of jeans and the employees knew that they didn’t carry them and gave me suggestions as to where I could find them.  I don’t anticipate such help at Macy’s.

Nordstrom’s is more “upscale” then Macy’s.  But I feel that Macy’s prices are almost equal to Nordstrom. It’s just that Nordstrom may carry a few more brands that are more expensive compared to Macy’s.  Macy’s and Nordstrom are in the same mall thus shoppers can compare prices.

The other day when I was at Macy’s, I was walking through one level and saw in the woman’s department a display of clothing for Marc by Marc Jacobs.  This surprised me a little considering Macy’s carries some pretty inexpensive brands.  But I must give some credit to Macy’s because they do carry all kinds of different brands and they have something for everyone.  For me though, I’m not interested in buying Ecko Unlimited or Sean John, so if I’m in the mood to buy something from Ralph Lauren, I am going to go to Bloomingdale’s or other upscale shops because I’m just so turned off by the negative image that Macy’s presents.


4 Responses to “Salespeople Part 4”

  1. nfait Says:

    I’ve enjoyed reading your posts about the salespeople and you’ve definitely convinced me to not go to Macy’s if I’m looking for customer service. It was nice to see pictures to back up your claims and I think it’s good that you have been back to the same store to see if things have changed. Make sure you address your change agent again and what you want him specifically to do in your next posts.

  2. Rin Says:

    I recently went into Macy’s and asked if they carried the Ray-Ban Jackie Ohh sunglasses. The salesperson had no clue what I was talking about, nor could they point me to the case where the Ray-Bans are kept. It makes me wonder why even have sales associates if they are unable to do more than work a cash register. Years ago Macy’s bought out a chain of stores that were big where I grew up. The stores were respectable places I enjoyed shopping, but Macy’s has dragged it down. Great topic.

  3. lkm530 Says:

    It’s fun to read all of your “salespeople” posts, because I can hear your voice in your writing. I think your efforts would be even stronger if you had some more facts and media in your posts.

  4. Megan Says:

    I went today my order rang up 49.99 and I had a coupon for $15.00 off when spending $50. All I asked is make one item 1cent more. She calls a manager over they tried twice still could not get it to work. I left and said you really need to work on customer service. The sales associate said about 5 times I could lose my job for doing this. OMG! Thank you for saving me 35.00 and reminding me to stay away from Macys!!!

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