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Salespeople Part 3 April 4, 2010

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To expand on the attitude of salespeople and employees at Macy’s, it’s like they don’t even want to be there.  Their attitude and body language makes it seem as though they definitely are not happy to be at work.

They take no initiative at all.  In other words they don’t offer suggestions or go out of their way for you.  The salespeople wait for you to come up to them if you need help or have questions.  You might as well walk out of the store and find another venue where they are more interested in you.

Is there any training of employees at Macy’s?  If there is, there certainly isn’t much supervision by upper management or by shareholders.  This place needs some shaking up by someone if it isn’t going to be done by the CEO.  The salespeople are not welcoming and not necessarily friendly either.  You might come across the occasional employee who is decent, but for such a big company is this normal?  No salespeople go out of their way for you which makes me wonder why I ever spend any time or money there and why anyone else does either.

Mr. Lundgren, are you going to give your employees some satisfaction other than a paycheck on Friday afternoon?

Check out Macy’s employee benefits vs. Nordstrom employee benefits and the way the pages are layed out.






5 Responses to “Salespeople Part 3”

  1. I know a couple friends from high school that worked at Macy’s and they all had horrible things to say about the working environment at the store. Not only were they paid poorly, benefits were minimal or nonexistent. In addition to comparing the two (Macys and Nordstroms) I hope you can include a story from a current employee to explain his or her side of the story directly. I want to hear what they have to say and why they are still working at Macys.

  2. angrydriver Says:

    i don’t get how a lot of companies don’t understand that customer service is one of the most important things to consider. People are coming to spend money in your store. Don’t piss them off.

  3. Ann Says:

    What do you expect for $7 an hour? You get what you pay for. The shareholders have to protect thier profit.

    • Mona Allen Says:

      Amen to this one! I worked part-time for Macy’s for a year. Minimum wage, virtually no training re product knowledge. I was assured that if I worked really hard I would make commission on my sales. What a joke! I was given a sales goal each day. Sometimes, it was a reasonable goal but much of the time the goal was unreachable. I did begin to sell enough to get a small commission ($12 was the best I could do). As soon as I began making commission, my sales goal was increased. I didn’t make commission after that. Shame on Macy’s!! I was told by a couple of seasoned associates that in order to make commission you would have to double your sales goal and then some to allow for returns, etc. I quit my job at Macy’s because of the rude treatment by Management. I felt that I was working in a sweat shop. Because I am older & did care about my job performance, I was getting stressed out because the new associates were given even less training than myself. In the 1 year of employment w/Macy’s 8 employees in my department (Intimate Apparel at Westshore Plaza, Tampa, FL) had left. I was the “senior” of the group. I was on my 4th Manager. What’s wrong w/this picture? Macy’s, give your associates a little more respect – give them the benefit of doubt when a customer complains. I would love to know what kind of payment Justin Bieber, Martha Stewart, Clinton Kelley & Ronald Trump (to name a few) receive for their TV ads. And your associates receive minimum wage??? One more thing, go green! Macy’s sends out more paper flyers, coupons, etc. than any other retail company. I could go on & on but at least I have been given a chance to voice some of my opinions re Macy’s. Thank you…

  4. huaccachina Says:

    The salespeople at Nordies are payed more….hence the attitude at Macys. WHy should they go out of their way for you if they don;t make commision and aren’t payed a lot to begin with? hmmm? I’m sure working at Macy’s isn’t their life’s passion.

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