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Salespeople Part 2 April 3, 2010

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When I go into a Nordstrom’s for instance, there are plenty of salespeople around and they are all friendly and ready to help you. When you walk into a Macy’s it’s a crapshoot whether you will run into a salesperson right away.  The salespeople at Macy’s stand around and act like they make minimum wage with no commission.  I don’t mind the people at Nordstrom or Bloomingdale’s who stand around and talk with each other and when you walk by they are friendly and want to know if they can help you.  That used to bother me because it felt like they were trying a little too hard to have me buy something.  But I understand.  At least they can help. I know if I have questions they will have the answers.  I’m the type of shopper whom I don’t really need someone hovering over me.  I know what I’m looking for and what I want.  But it is much more convenient and enjoyable to have someone nearby and who is knowledgeable then someone who doesn’t really know anything or care.

Inside of a Nordstrom store


One Response to “Salespeople Part 2”

  1. jilliansorem Says:

    I like how you provided a comparison to you case. This is a perfect example of how a store should be. Well taken care of and workers that are willing to help. Just saying it would not do it justice; the visual adds much more to this particular blog post. Very effective.

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