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Salespeople Part 1 April 3, 2010

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I feel like elaborating on the knowledge, attitude and expertise of the salespeople on the Macy’s floor.  First things first, why is it there are so few of them?  I go into these Macy’s stores and I just can’t find anyone to talk to.  As a consumer I have questions and I’m not getting answers.

About 3 weeks ago I was thinking about getting a pair of slacks for an upcoming event.  I was thinking Hugo Boss because I like the way their products fit me.  It’s good quality.  My dad had mentioned seeing in the Macy’s newspaper circular that they had Joseph Abboud slacks for an excellent price.  Almost too good of a price.  I like to shop so I figured I’d take a look at them.  I went to the premier mall in Orange County.  I assumed their Macy’s had a good men’s department.  I noticed they had a huge section of suits, slacks and sport coats.  I had to track down a salesperson as the only other ones I could find were busy completing a sale.  When I finally caught the man’s attention I asked him about these slacks and where they were.  He thought he knew and took me around the whole store before saying he wasn’t sure where they were located.  He handed me off to another employee who then told me they don’t carry Joseph Abboud slacks.  I thought to myself this is crazy.  It’s in the Macy’s advertisements yet this store doesn’t even carry them??  Ridiculous.

I ended up going to Nordstrom’s, paying more, but having a much better experience.


One Response to “Salespeople Part 1”

  1. nshahani Says:

    I rather shop at Nordtrom’s even if I have to pay more because of the service and the experience. I feel like as soon as I start looking at something, there is someone there to help me.

    I think that if Macy’s was more like this, I would be more willing to shop there. As of now, I hate walking into Macy’s because everything feels so cluttered and their employees are not so friendly.

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