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Disappointing Day April 1, 2010

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This afternoon I visited a Macy’s to check up on how things are progressing.  This is the same location where I had my run-in with an employee in the dressing rooms.  Obviously very little has improved.  I noticed a few more summer items but not surprisingly very few employees.

(Click Photos to Enlarge)

In the upper left is an empty checkout station where men’s dress shirts and shoes are located.  Where are the employees?

The second picture is just a general look across the floor of the men’s dress shirt and tie area and no employee’s can be found.

The third picture is another shot of a checkout near the sport coats and blazers.  No employee is at the desk and they’re not in the vicinity either.

The fourth picture is still in the men’s department but where some underwear and more casual clothing is located.  The checkout area is once again deserted.

This place is a ghost town.  There was a nice lady inside the men’s cologne display who said hello to me and asked if I needed help with anything.  There were maybe 2 or 3 other employees I found roaming around but I’m not even sure what they were doing.  They didn’t greet me, just looked at me.  I kept walking.

I’m not surprised.  The more research I do, the more and more I am disappointed in this department store.


4 Responses to “Disappointing Day”

  1. savehumans Says:

    I like this post a lot. It brings your issue into reality and gives evidence to your cause. Love the photos void of employees lol I guess I’m not generally a Macy’s shopper, but this post does NOT make me want to shop there.

  2. stefanie Says:

    I really like how you went into Macy’s to see if the experience you had, was just a fluke or not. You went into the store that you were investigating and found that the salespeople we still the same. This is proof that it was not just a one time deal. I haven’t been a Macy’s shopper in the past and i really don’t think I will become one now.

  3. jarvi102 Says:

    Macy’s used to be such a giant in the retail business. What happened to the day when they were that friendly place that had everything that you wanted. Everything always comes down to money and business. Over time I guess it all deteriorated. Or maybe we’re to blame? Who knows. There’s no respect between business and customer anymore. Buyer beware.

  4. kyleberns Says:

    Great job making it personal and easy to connect with! I really like your topic and think you did a great job using the photo’s devoid of sales people. And it is so true. Macy’s has some of the worst customer service I have ever experienced. I refuse to shop there!!!

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