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Changes to be made April 1, 2010

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After experiencing these situations, I started to think of ways that I would improve Macy’s if I were in the position of CEO.  It’s funny because the cosmetics department actually looked fairly nice.  It was a lot brighter and shall I say “louder” than the one at Bloomingdale’s but that is understandable since they are not the same department store.

But to the CEO of Macy’s, Terry Lundgren, I would like to see some major changes at Macy’s.  First, Terry, I want you to create a customer bill of rights and publish it.  Included in this bill of rights and the most important item should be, the customer is always right.  He is your bread and butter.

This is a golden rule of retail or sales, yet your locations cease to exhibit or understand this principle.

Number 2, your stores need plenty of salespeople on the floor that can actually assist customers.

Number 3, your employees must know the products you carry.

Number 4, the salespeople you hire must have a sense of what looks good on a customer.

Number 5, the customer should never have to hunt down a salesperson.

Number 6, you must have enough checkout areas so you don’t have 7 people waiting just to buy a shirt or a box of underwear on a busy day.

These are simple changes that could greatly enhance the shopping experience for customers and your profitability.  I will elaborate later on what other improvements can be made besides just the customer service requirements.  With just these simple steps, I believe Macy’s could become a more popular shopping destination and be the first choice among consumers when they are thinking of places to shop.


3 Responses to “Changes to be made”

  1. perry115 Says:

    I really liked the suggestions you gave to the CEO. While they are simple suggestions that seem as though they should be common sense to someone working in this industry, they clearly are not. I wonder how much business Macy’s loses due to their lack of employee training and/or lack standards that they ought to have for their employees. Shopping in Macy’s, I think most people would agree that it feels like the people working there have just been hired and then placed on the floor to work with no training at all. Hopefully people that work for Macy’s see this blog and report back to Mr. Lundgren so the store will get some much needed imporvements!

  2. taylorgalyan Says:

    Working as a sales associate for many years I know the importance of customer service and Macy’s totally lacks it. The suggestions you made to the CEO were great and it is amazing that these ‘rules’ are not already used. Macy’s would be a much larger competitor to other department stores if they improved customer service. With the horrible customer service as Macy’s it puts them at a lower level. I hope these changes can be made!

  3. Ann Says:

    The problem is that Macy’ is not willing to compromise on Terry’s annual bonus. If they were able to pay a decent salary, they would be able to retain associates with standards. Instead of people that are there to just get a paycheck.

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