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Changes are Needed March 23, 2010

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Much of my fury towards Macy’s abruptly came about a month or so ago.   I needed a white dress shirt for that night and after hearing a couple girls in class that day mention Macy’s having a promotion where if you wear a red shirt or dress you would receive 20% off your purchase that day.  They said it was going on for the whole month of February for American Heart month or something to that effect.  So I decided to head to Macy’s at the Westside Pavilion in Los Angeles instead of Bloomingdale’s or Nordstrom.  With my dad accompanying me we started looking at their inventory of white dress shirts.  I first asked one of the only employees I could find on the lower floor of the store about this promotion for wearing the red shirt and he told me it was only for 5 days earlier in the month.  That kind of disappointed me but I was determined to find a dress shirt that worked for me.

All of the shirts seemed to be the same even though they had different labels.  I’ve always had good luck with Ralph Lauren so I decided to try their shirt on in the dressing room.  Once inside the dressing room I had to open the shirt up and take out all the pins and the plastic around the collar.  The shirt was kind of baggy just like the others with way too much room in the arm portions and around my torso.  I showed my dad who was standing outside the fitting room to get his opinion.  A woman who was standing next to my room folding shirts started scolding me for trying the shirt on.  She told me I’m not allowed to try on shirts.  I ignored her.  Then she comes up to me and snarls “You can’t do that here, you have to buy the shirt.”  So I asked her in a gentle way “how will I know if the shirt is right for me if I can’t try it on?”  Her response was I have to buy it and if it doesn’t fit then I can return it within 6 months.  I laughed, took the shirt off and left the store.  I couldn’t believe this woman would say this to me!  I’m still not sure what her position is at Macy’s because she definitely wasn’t a salesperson on the floor of the store.

I’ve been disappointed in Macy’s before but never like this.  I’ve never worked in retail but the customer’s always right.  I was going to buy a shirt there that day.  With that employee being so overbearing and demanding I left without purchasing anything.

I won’t be back.


Macy’s: Sub-par Shopping Experience March 10, 2010

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I consider myself a frequent shopper.  In addition to school and playing football, I’d say that I spend a good amount of time at clothing stores, at malls and other places looking around and buying either clothes or shoes.

I’ve been going to Macy’s ever since I was young, even back when there was Bullock’s department stores.  My point is, I’ve seen how Macy’s has turned from a fairly nice department store into something I’m not very excited to visit.

Recently, I’ve had a couple of experiences at some Macy’s in the Los Angeles and Orange County areas that have made me question whether I want to even step foot into a Macy’s ever again to shop.  Thus the decision to blog on this topic.  Terry Lundgren, is this how you want potential Macy’s customers to feel?